To the Nines  - Janet Evanovich To the Nines was your standard Stephanie Plum book, filled with humorous mishaps and action. While this book was as good as the others I have read, there was one major drawback for me. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for the occassional "romantic" moment in a book. However this one went far beyond that and at times I was wondering if how what I was reading could be considered a mystery. Her previous books have always held a sexual aspect to them with the Morelli/Ranger dynamic. However it seems that this one was just a bit raunchier especially with some of the descriptions provided. The fact that a portion of this novel does take place in Las Vegas would cause me to give a little more leeway to the raunchiness, however most of it takes place in New Jersey versus Vegas. All in all, another good addition to the Stephanie Plum novel.