Playing Hurt - Holly Schindler So far, not really sure how I'm going to feel about this book. You have the typical injured teenager moping around and feeling sorry for themselves. You have another character who's just essentially ignoring all of his problems (or seems to be at this point, he's really just a mystery). Oh and then just for fun let's throw in the fact that the injured teenager has a boyfriend at home and it's clear that she's going to be cheating on him, if only emotionally cheating, because it appears that they're both crazy for each other (based solely on looks) from their first meeting.

I still have hope for this story, and we'll see where it goes, but as of right now I'm officially on the fence. I don't think this will be a "blow me away" book, but it still has potential to be fairly cute, assuming you can look past the cheating aspect that it's set up for.


Well if you can forget about (or ignore) Gabe's role in the story, not a terrible story. Actually it's pretty cute all things considered. I was rooting for Clint throughout the whole book. I felt terrible for Gabe, up until Chelsea fought back against him and made a few valid points. I don't think these points carry enough weight to justify her cheating, she shouldn't have dragged it out over the summer. When she realized the way she felt about Clint, she should have just let Gabe go then. The way that it's told, it sounds like she just couldn't stop herself from kissing Clint (as well as other things). Well if that's the case at least break up with Gabe first before you spend 3 weeks hanging all over another guy. Not a terrible story, glad I read it all, but just a major beef with a major plot line.