Going Vintage - Lindsey Leavitt 3 Stars...4 stars...3 stars? It's really a toss up for me. It was a good book. It had humor that I could appreciate. But there were a couple problems I had that ultimately cost it that extra star. First of all, I felt REALLY old reading it when Mallory hasn't ever watched the Jetsons or heard of Happy Days. However it is geared towards the YA of today, so I suppose maybe I should have expected that, but it was actually kind of depressing.

The other issue was how "strict" she was towards some of the item lists, but others, like sewing her own dress, she was very, very lax about. There were a lot of other issues brought up in the story that could have been further explored to help build the characters and the story, but were glossed over in favor of creating a light read. While I appreciate this, it did detract from the book for me.

I think my biggest problem was that I had relatively high hopes for this book, and it fell a little short of my expectations. Not as short as a lot do, but short nonetheless.