Willow - Julia Hoban I had a very difficult time getting into this book. I don't think the subject matter was really the problem. I think it started off with the writing style. Writing in present tense can be a lot trickier to pull off for some authors, as was the case for Julia Hoba in my opinion. It just threw me off everytime she's refer to Willow doing something in present tense. I don't typically notice tense too much as long as the story flows. But when tense stands out to me, I have a really hard time moving past it.

I don't think this was a horrible story, it just wasn't for me. I didn't really feel a lot of the depth from Willow that I have from other books involving self-injury. I guess for me it was just difficult to relate to her, thus it was difficult to like her. Sure I felt bad for her, and could understand why she was so depressed, but I just didn't feel like she was a "real" person. Don't let my review discourage you from checking this story out, it just wasn't for me.