The Moon and More - Sarah Dessen Maybe it's just the fact that I've gotten older and I'm certainly not the same person I was when I first fell in love with Sarah Dessen's writing, but her last few books have just been okay in my opinion. The only exception would be Along for the Ride.

I love the fact that her books are so innocent and sweet, and also somewhat mundane, that it seems completely plausible and realistic. I tend to look forward to a new Sarah Dessen book like I would a vacation. Reading them is like getting away on vacation without leaving the comfort of your chair.

This was a typical Sarah Dessen novel in that it took place in Colby, many of the places and even a few of the people remained the same as in previous books. The writing was the same as always, however I did get fairly annoyed with the reiteration of the title multiple times. I also surprisingly got a bit annoyed with how often Clementine's and other references to Along for the Ride. I mean I always get a little thrill from seeing the reference to another book, but this just seemed to happen a lot more in The Moon and More, and started to get a little obnoxious.

The other thing which really bothered me was that Emaline's behavior kind of bothered me towards the later part of the book. She redeemed herself at the end, but I just couldn't love her character like I did with some of the main characters from some of her other stories. I also really didn't love either boy. If I had to choose between Theo and Luke, it'd be Luke hands down, but honestly I'm glad she didn't end up with either at the end of the book . I think I was more attached to Daisy, Morris, and Benji than I was anyone else in the book.

If you're looking for a good book to introduce you into Sarah Dessen's writing, I'm not sure this would be the best one. But if you're a long time fan, this is one that should not be missed.