My Life in Black and White - Natasha Friend I had a hard time getting into this. Alexa was just not a pleasant person to read about. She came across as a very shallow person, and a spoiled rotten brat. For the first 2/3rds of the book I relied on Ruthie to get me through, as she made very valid points and tried to hold Alexa accountable.

I think a lot of why I kept reading was that it was well written, and the story kept moving. I also expected some angst/self-centered-ness simply from the subject matter. I'm happy to say that in this case it paid off to keep reading (which is a rarity). We got to see Alexa emerge from the disaster as a stronger individual. She really found her true self and I can't say that would have ever happened if it hadn't been for the life-altering accident that she thinks is the end of her life.

Overall, I think it's a good story. If you're looking to keep you're "to-read" list down, I wouldn't recommend it, as you won't be missing out on much. However if you're looking for something to read it's definitely a good story and worth checking out. In other words, it was good but not overly great.