The Program - Suzanne Young I'd give this 3.5 stars. It certainly isn't the best example of dystopian literature out there. However it did suck me in, and it was a lot better than some of the stuff I've read recently.

I feel so bad for just about everyone in this book. The kids who are terrified of showing any emotion for fear of being sent to the Program. The returners who are empty shells, and may in some ways be improved by having forgotten their tragedys, but they've also been stripped of what made them the people they were. In some ways I even feel bad for the parents who must feel incredibly desperate to go to such extreme lengths.

However, I don't feel like I have a deep understanding of the problem. Suicide, specifically teen suicide, is on the rise. Okay...but why? What was causing it to rise in the first place, prior to the implementation of the Program? I mean clearly the suicide rate is so high because of the Program. But what caused it to be so high to warrant even creating the Program? That was the main question I kept asking myself over and over.

And as for the epilogue, not a fan. It was so incredibly vague, yes it left me wanting more. However it also left me wanting to throw the book across the room. I think I MIGHT have preffered a cliffhanger to that epilogue

The other problem I'm left with from this book is that I feel like it was a little long. The beginning started off great, sucked me in. Then it got a little slow and it wasn't until the second half of the story that I really got hooked again. I think the author could have condensed some of it down a little bit, because I don't feel like I've really read 400 pages worth of story.

Overall the story had some really great aspects. The fact that it was set up for that dreaded love triangle, but quickly sidestepped that huge mistake really impressed me. I feel bad for Realm because she just didn't feel the same way but I also didn't feel like their relationship was so built up that I couldn't choose (and I think I hate that the most when it comes to love triangles). Overall the story was well written, in spite of the fact it could be condensed a little.

I'm trying to get away from being stuck in so many series and trilogies, so it has to be a pretty good book for me to want to continue the story. This one I'm on the fence about at the moment, but I think by the time The Treatment is released, I'll probably check it out from the library.