Pushing the Limits - Katie McGarry For a contemporary, young adult romance, this one was really good. It had a lot more to it, and dealt with some very serious and mature topics. I can't say I absolutely loved this, or that it's one of the best in this genre. However I can say that it dealt with things maturely for the most part and really made me look at myself at some points of the story. I think it definitely pushes the ideal of getting the whole story, not just one side, or even two sides, but the whole thing before dealing out all the blame.

There were cringe worthy moments, specifically every time Noah called her "baby" and I'm sure that's more me than the writing, seeing as I'm not a fan of "baby" being a pet name. That said, the writing was good and the story kept me hooked. Definitely glad I checked it out from the library versus purchasing it, but all in all a good read.