Flat-Out Love

Flat-Out Love - Jessica Park As mentioned in previous reviews, I tend to hold books that I consider kindle books (free-$3.99 price range) to a lower standard than published books that I end up paying $9.99-$17.99 on simply because of the price. I probably should stop doing that because some of the kindle books are really good. This was one of them. No it didn't blow my mind. Yes I was able to predict the mystery behind Fin (and FF), as it was fairly transparent. However I did second guess myself several times so all was not blatantly obvious (at least for me). Overall I thought this was just a really cute book about being able to work through anything because you love someone. Yes that may be unrealistic, but it's nice to read about in a world so full of divorce. There were a lot of realistic aspects to this book that outweighed the unrealistic parts and for that, I feel this was worthy of a 4 star rating.