Fight or Flight (Fight or Flight, #1)

Fight or Flight (Fight or Flight, #1) - Jamie Canosa So I went into this not knowing much at all. It was one I had on my kindle, and because I don't have internet at work, started without knowing what it was about, only remembering it was a new adult book and it sounded good when I first read the summary. So I really didn't have any expectations.

Well maybe that has an effect on my opinion, maybe not. But I have to say this story is very unique. Sure it's the contemporary romance that we're all accustomed to. Boy meets girl. Boy falls for girl. Happily ever after, whatever. BUT the fact that this love story takes place on the street, that both characters have suffered abuse at the hands of hateful men is a nice spin on the story.

The ending was a little bit unbelievable for me. But she had to end it somehow, and that was the best possible ending I could think of so I guess I should just be happy with that. But really, it's the fact that the ending felt a little rushed, and far-fetched is what prevented it from being a 5-star review.