Possession Series...not so Possessive

Possession  - Elana Johnson Surrender: A Possession Novel - Elana Johnson Abandon  - Elana Johnson

I read Possession a couple of years ago, and when I read it I know I thought it was pretty good. But I couldn't remember what exactly it was about. Sure I'd read the jacket, but that didn't really bring back very many strong memories. In fact I probably wouldn't have continued the series, except I'd already pre-ordered Surrender. So in an effort to get caught up on my reading, I'm trying to finish up series that I've already started but are now completely out. So I (finally) picked up Surrender. I blew through this second installment fairly quickly. Once I got reintegrated into the world, the first story started to come back a little bit. There were still parts of it I didn't fully remember, but overall it was a decent story. However by the end of Surrender, I was glad I had Abandon fairly accessible (although I had to wait on the library for a day or two). Actually it was a bit of a struggle to wait those couple of days, and to be honest I did debate on just buying the dang thing (but at $16 for the hardback--and of course I had to have hardback vs ebook simply because my other two are hardback-- I'm OCD like that :D ).

Anyway, I flew through Abandon about as fast as I did Surrender. It wasn't so much that they were that compulsive (or possessive) of a read, so much as they were just that easy to get through. The characters, while intriguing, weren't very relatable for me. I read to see what would happen next. Not neccessarily to find out if Vi really does end up with Jag or Zenn, but more which parts each character plays to bring about the downfall of Freedom. The plot was decent but there were parts of the story that weren't fully fleshed out in my opinion, but overall it wasn't a bad story. But it wasn't a great story either. Felt like an average, already done, dystopian series. And for that it gets 3.5 stars.