Hemlock - Kathleen Peacock Well aside from ending the book wanting to strangle Kyle, I really loved it. It was well written, and while it didn't suck me in, it did make me want to keep reading. That is especially a big deal to me lately as it seems like I'm having a hard time finding the motivation to pick up a book (due to the massive mountain that is my to-read pile). I found this to be a relatively unique story with regards to the whole paranormal aspect. Yes there are werewolves. Yes there are people wanting to hurt said werewolves. But the angle of splitting up the four best friends (which is a nice change as well versus two best friends) and essentially putting them all in completely different positions, while maintaining a cohesive story directed at finding a killer while weaving in all three positions (and throwing in Amy's here and there) shows that Ms. Peacock can certainly write. I'm excited to see what the sequel holds for this series. I just hope it doesn't leave me wanting to strangle Kyle (still/again) or someone else.