Unbreak My Heart - Melissa C. Walker For starters I love the name Clem. It's unique and not often used, but not so out there that you're wondering why anyone would think it'd be suitable as a name. I also loved that the love interest wasn't you're typical "bad-boy" and had red hair, which is rare for a guy in a book.

There are a lot of things I really liked about this story. However there were some things that took this review from a potential 4 1/2 stars down to the 3 (really should be 3.5) stars I gave it. The quality of writing is one of those things. Not that the writing was bad, it was on par for this genre. I've read books from this same genre (Sarah Dessen for example) that have had better writing in my opinion.
Another thing that bothered me was that she fell for her best friend's boyfriend. That in and of itself wasn't really the problem (I mean it is part of the main premise after all) but the fact her friend's reaction was so extreme, although Clem's actions with said boyfriend were fairly minor in the big scheme of things. I'm sure there'll be people that disagree with me on that, but that's just how I felt. That's not to say that it wasn't inline with how some teenagers would react to such extremes, but she didn't even give Clem a chance to explain.

Even with my hangups with the reason why Clem's alone with her family for the summer, I think the story was fully realized. What Clem experiences throughout the summer is a big part of growing up in a lot of ways and I think that it was fairly accurate as far as teenage reactions go. I just really loved how not only were Clem and James there for each other's difficult journey that summer, but their families were there for each other as well. In all it was a cute fluffy read.