Scarlet - Marissa Meyer I'd have to give this a solid 4 stars. It was not as great as Cinder, but then again the second book in a trilogy rarely ever is. I'm not sure that it could have been better to be honest. It was one of those stories that had to be told in order to accomplish the story of the overall series. I really don't have a lot of critiques of it other than it just didn't wow me like Cinder did. Well, and I wasn't a fan of switching back and forth between Cinder and Scarlet however, I see where it was necessary to tell the story. I was just frustrated cause I'd get really into one character's situation, and then suddenly be reading about the other situation again. Story telling from two different POVs usually doesn't bother me, but this time it did a bit.

However I will say that Ms. Meyer is an amazingly talented author. For her to not only take a classic fairy tale and put a strong science fiction twist on it, without ruining the story is pretty impressive. However to take two different fairy tales that have seemingly nothing to do with each other and combine them in a story while having it make total sense could be considered a masterpiece in some ways. I have to say that I tend to steer clear of retellings of classic stories. However where the Lunar Chronicles is concerned, I love the retelling just as much as I loved the classic (probably because it brings something new to the table).

Now just have to wait for next January (hopefully) for Cress.