The Friday Society - Adrienne Kress It wasn't that this was a bad book per say. It had its redeeming qualities. It was funny. I loved Cora. Nellie was pretty cool. Michiko, well it wasn't that I disliked her, I just found her part of the story a little more dull. Also, there were so many chacters and what not going on, it was a little difficult to keep them straight at first.

I suppose I just wasn't expecting what I got from this story. It was decent, but I found my self bored halfway through and just wanting to hurry up and finish (so I did end up skimming parts). Ordinarily I'd give this a 3 star if I hadn't been so bored. Honestly it felt like Charlie's Angeles had gone back in time. So not even wholly originial on the plot side of things.

The book has potential, but I'm just not sure I would delve into another book by this author unless it had really good reviews.