Requiem - Lauren Oliver For some reason I kept putting off reading this, even though I'm trying to wrap up as many series as I can before I start new ones. Well now I know why I kept putting it off. I instinctively knew this just did not hold up to the previous two books.

It's not that it was terrible. But quite often I found myself getting really bored with Lena's POV, and skimming it. Hana's POV is where the story was really at. However, I don't really feel like this final installment really added anything to the story. Yes, we find out about what Fred is really like. And Hana and Lena do get a brief moment to settle what's between them I suppose. But that's about it. And the very last little blurb about building walls, it felt like a lecture. I get what the author was trying to do there, but I also don't read YA to be lectured at the end of the story.

I'm just disappointed that it was such a blah ending for such a great story. I almost wish she would have just wrapped it up at the end of Pandemonium. Or would have actually tied everything up in a nice little bow (which I don't always have to have from a series, but in this case at least I'd feel like reading this final installment was worthwhile) by the end of this book. Either way, it's just simply ok, and I'm happy that I'm done with the book. And although I hadn't planned on it, after that ending I'm seriously considering trading in my books.