Of Triton - Anna Banks I have to say my biggest pet peeve with this book was the writing. First of all, the whole present tense was a little unique. Not a huge problem though, but then you add in the fact that its so omniscent as far as the povs are concerned, it just doesn't read smoothly, and is rather confusing for the reader. I know I had this same issue with Of Poseidon, but it seems like instead of improving on this issue, it's actually gotten worse. Or at least a lot more distracting.

Overall the story was a good follow-up. I love the fact there wasn't a cliffhanger ending! Not really sure where book 3 will go, seeing as everything seemed pretty wrapped up. But I do love Emma and Galen, and Toraf and Rayna so I'm definitely looking forward to what's next. I just hope that the writing style's improved, and the whole tense/pov issues are worked out a little better.