Shattered - Kathi Baron *I was provided a free copy from Netgalley for my honest review*

I wish I could say I really liked this book since it sounded fairly unique. Unfortunately I had a really hard time connecting with any of the characters. I understand the relationship that Cassie has with her violin, and the fact that it was an antique I can understand her being super upset with her father. But running away from home and handling the situation like she did just didn't remind me of a teenager. I honestly kept thinking she was acting so immature for her age, that she was in junior high. That was a big turn off for me.

Her father's anger seemed a little off too. I've studied abusive situations throughout my coursework for my degree and it just didn't seem like a credible situation. I'm sure if more detail had been included and that the situation wasn't so simplified this would have been much better.

The music aspect of this novel was a nice addition, although because it relies so heavily on understanding the relationship of the musician to their instrument greatly narrows down the intended audience. Also, the summary of the book, while great on describing the book, feels like it almost gives away too much of the story. That once you've read the summary you already know all about what happens. And really, then why are you reading it if you already know what happens. There's no mystery or questions left to answer which somewhat discourages readers to pick up this title.