The Host - Stephenie Meyer Where do I start? Well I will admit I did not finish this one. I tried...I kept at it for over two weeks trying to force myself and it just didn't happen.

I went in thinking "ok, second shot at this, movie previews look good. Just have to get through the book." So I get to about page 100 and ask a friend that's read it when it actually picks up and gets good. She tells me to keep reading, it's not far off. Well I made it to page 200.

My first sign should have been that it took me 2 weeks to get to page 200 (when I can easily read a 200 pg book in a matter of hours). Meyer's writing really would have been more tolerable except she rambles on and adds much more information than what is needed. Multiple times I just wanted to get to the dang point.

Now part of the problem that I had, I'm sure, was the fact that it was definitely out of my comfort zone genre wise. But I figured a lot of other people read it simply because of who wrote it, regardless of the genre, and they still liked it so why not?

Needless to say here ends my adventures in reading stories written by Stephanie Meyer. It's not that they're terrible, I just don't think they're worth all they hype. And I have way too much to read to waste my time on something I have to force myself to get into (and still can't).