Twigs - Alison Ashley Formento *I was provided a free copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review*

I didn't really have any expectations going into this, and that's probably a really good thing. I felt really bad for Twigs and all the crap she was having to deal with, which seemed to have mostly happened over the course of about a week. However all of those things happening so close together just didn't feel very realistic to me. In fact I had a really hard time relating to Twigs versus just feeling really bad for her.

I was pretty annoyed with the fact that she hates the name Twigs, makes a big fuss about wanting to go by Madeline the entire book, but never holds anyone to it. Also she seemed almost bipolar in the fact that she'd go from a walking doormat to being overly assertive and smart-mouthed and back to a doormat in quick succession.

The characters really were just surface characters and I felt like they weren't fully developed with the exception of Helen. I feel like there was so much potential available but none of the concepts were fully played out. Most of the book I spent wondering where the actual plot was. Yes she was having to deal with a lot of crap. And she felt like the only person she could turn to was Brady for a good portion of it, and yet I had no reason to like Brady (in fact I didn't trust him from the first time he was mentioned. And the whole thing with Coop, that could have been better written.

Personally I feel like this was a rough draft of a book more so than a finished product. It certainly has potential, but I don't really feel like it's finished, let alone polished.