Sex, Lies, and Online Dating - Rachel Gibson I don't even know what to say. The story concept sounded cute. Unfortunately Lucy kind of annoyed me, and I felt like I was surface reading and never really got connected with any of the characters. What I mean by this is that it feels like, as with James Patterson, the author is trying to crank out as many books as possible (for the $$ presumably) and doesn't work towards making sure it's the best writing they're capable of. Or it could just be that I expect to connect with the characters even more so because I live where the story takes place.

Honestly this probably would have been a solid three stars, except I had decently high hopes (it really sounded right up my alley) and the book failed horribly to meet those. I'll be giving Ms. Gibson another chance with a book from the Truly, Idaho series. But I will definitely not be continuing the writer friends series.