The Bane  - Keary Taylor *I was provided a free copy by the author for an honest review*

So I was really impressed with this book. I didn't really know what to thing starting out. It has a similar story to a lot of other books lately. Post-apocalyptic, love triangle, fight to survive, human like machines etc. However it stood out to me big time. The writing overall was really good, and while there were popular themes through out the book, the story itself had original settings, original characters (robotic human aspect aside).

There are only a few things that hold me back from giving this story 5 stars. The main thing that I would have liked is to have seen an explanation of what exactly a bane is prior to the end of chapter 4. Maybe in a prologue instead? Simply because I had a hard time picturing what they were up to that point, which made it a little more difficult to get into the story. Also there were points where things weren't necessarily clear as to what was going on. For example, when they were moving Eden after the garden was burned I wasn't clear on if they stopped to rest, if they traveled only at night or during day, etc. so that was a little bit difficult for me to get through. Also, when they went out to get the rest of the first group to come to the hospital, nothing was ever mentioned about them getting back. Just that they went off. And then randomly everyone was back, but you never hear anything about Eli or Morgan or Tess etc.. Just a few minor things. The only other pet peeve I had with this and it's a VERY minor thing is that chapters 40 & 41 are spelled fourty, and not forty. But like I said, VERY minor.

Over all I really liked the uniqueness of the storyline, and I'll admit I was a little surprised at who she chose at the end of the story. But it was a pleasant surprise. There's only one thing this book left me wanting to know what the heck happens with West, whether he lives or dies. Guess I'll just have to wait paitently for the next installment.