Poison Princess - Kresley Cole I'm so torn on this novel. It sounded like it had a lot of potential. And when I first started I thought the writing was phenomenal, thus how could this possible be a bad read. And I honestly think that's what saved this story from a one star rating.

While the writing was great, there was too many extra things that were added that didn't seem to be needed. This caused the story to move extremely slow. I finally got to page 189 and got tired of it taking forever to get anywhere. However I did want to see how the first installment ended since I had invested so much time into it already. Unfortunately I don't feel that I really missed anything of real importance.

I would recommend this book for readers that have a lot of patience. It's not that this novel is bad, I just didn't have the patience for the slow story. I'd be interested to read something else from this author, just not part of this series.