Second Chance Summer - Morgan Matson I had to let this sit a couple hours before reviewing. It's not that it was bad, it certainly was not. In fact it was the exact opposite. For a novel of this genre, this is exactly what I like. There's a sweet love interest/story intertwined with family problems and figuring out who you are and how to overcome your flaws. This story had me in big fat tears in the last 40 pages. It was an easy read, that was made that much easier by not wanting to put it down. That may be simply because I'd been in the mood for a book along these lines, but regardless I would highly recommend this tearjerker. I think the best part may quite possibly be the fact that I could relate to Taylor, especially while experiencing the impending loss of her father. I have lost a couple of family members, and her actions before and after are in line with what I felt.