Fixing Delilah - Sarah Ockler I've been on a summery romance kick lately, but I was wanting something not too cutesy. This definitely did the trick for me. Delilah is a very real character, as are her mother and aunt. They have multiple character flaws. There was one point where I really wanted to smack Delilah upside the head. This was when she found out about the family secret and flipped out on her mom, and then flipped out on Patrick. I couldn't believe what she said to either of them. This was a huge character flaw, but for me it made it that much more real. Sure in that same situation I'm not sure I would have behaved that way, but I guarantee I'd feel like doing it.

Overall this was a quick, easy read with relateable characters and a little mystery thrown in. I would recommend this for someone who's a fan of contemporary YA and is looking for a cute summer romance (although the romance part is really not the focus--which was a nice change).