Possess - Gretchen McNeil I think this would be closer to a 3.5 rating for me, but the thing that swayed me was the fact that the plot was not centered around the love interest and that there was no freaking love triangle!

I was kind of on the fence to read this, but it was on the shelf at the library and I figured what the heck, might as well (nevermind my ridiculously long to-read shelf). I'm actually really glad I did. It was fairly unique, at least more unique than a lot of other stories out there. I love that Bridget didn't seem to dwell so much on her father's death. Yes she was sad, yes she missed him, but she didn't come across as being stuck on it.

It didn't "Wow" me by any stretch, but it was a good solid story, and I am SO happy it's a standalone, well at least as of right now. I hope it remains a standalone. I read this in one day at work (if I hadn't been at work I'm not sure I would have felt compelled to read it all at once) so I'm feeling a little overwhelmed trying to remember everything that happened. However, all in all, I would recommend this book.