Splintered - A.G. Howard Hmmm...um....well...this is a hard review to write. I wanted to love this book. And it was okay. Maybe my expectations were too high. Then again, upon looking back, I'm not sure it would have been a great book had I gone into it without any expectations. Really, I'm just left questioning a lot. Did I not like it because I just don't have the imagination to picture the world she tried to create?

That was a big part of my problem. I had a hard time picturing what was going on in my head. I just couldn't produce the world quite like I could with the Hunger Games, or Cinder. I figured this would try to be the Alice in Wonderland that Cinder was to Cinderella. A retelling, but with a funky new take on the story. And it did that, and the theory behind it was great. I just don't feel like the world was fully built, the story clearly told.

I got the main parts of the story, but I feel like I missed out on a lot because I spent so much time trying to create the world in my head, that eventually I just gave up trying and ultimately missed out on some of the additions to the story that help create a great story.

Based on the majority of the reviews, there's a strong possibility that it was me, not the book. I'm torn between giving this 2-3 stars. It really was just okay for me. However the overall plot was pretty good, and with better descriptions it could easily be a 3 star, possibly even 4.