Across the Universe - Beth Revis don't really know what to say exactly. I didn't love it like I had hoped I would. But although I had high expectations, I didn't feel totally let down either (like I usually do). It was definitely an original idea, and a good one at that. The story is good, the writing is good. It just seemed like there was a lot of stuff in the middle that wasn't exactly necessary and caused it to drag a bit. However, the begining and the end were really good. I'd say it's a solid 3.5 stars, bordering on 4. I'm definitely going to continue the series.

What I really loved that while you can tell that Elder and Amy will be romantically involved, it's not the main focus, or even heavily pushed throughout the book. It was more of a science fiction novel with a little bit of romance versus the other way around which is a nice change. Throw in a mystery and even better. But what I really loved was the end and the difference in Amy's reaction to that of a "typical" female character placed in the same situation.

Overall I would definitely recomment this to a friend, but probably one that reads a lot versus one that can only get through a handful of books a year.