Golden - Jessi Kirby More like 3.5 stars. This was kind of a slow story for me. However, I think in a lot of ways it was necessary to the story, as it let some crucial things sink into the reader's mind. I think the reason why I enjoyed this story so much was that while you're along for Parker's story and watching her find herself, you're also along for another story and the questions posed cause intraspective moments for the reader as well. So, although brief, while Parker is finding herself, the reader questions themselves as well (well at least I did.)

The summary leads you to think this is a mystery, and I suppose technically it is, but it doesn't come across like most mysteries, specifically in this genre, do. It doesn't really keep the reader guessing. But it does a great job at maintaining the reader's interest, once the story takes off (after about the first 50 pages).