Going Too Far - Jennifer Echols When I was a little way into the book I commented on how I couldn't understand how she thought a 19 yr old looked like a 40 yr old. That held a big problem for me. Fortunately it was addressed, and while I still don't find it realistic, neither did anyone else in the book either really. Once I really got into the book it was difficult for me to put down, and I stayed up last night to finish reading it. It was a quick read, and definitely something for the older crowd of teenagers as there was a lot of talk about sex (and while the main character does admit that sex can be good as long as you wait for that special person, she was constantly thinking about sex with no strings attached).

I will say I was a little surprised that the reason she was claustrophobic and had so many "character flaws" was that she had had leukemia. I honestly thought it might have been a rape situation, and by her sleeping with just about anybody, thus lessening the meaning of her rape. I was actually very happy that it turned out this way instead. And it was explained how her flaws related to her treatment for the cancer and her outlook on life.

Overall I'm actually really content with the story. It was a good contemporary novel and probably on the higher end of quality for the genre. However with the age issue as previously discussed, I'm going to have to give it 4.5 stars.