Deadly Game - Cara Lockwood I was provided a free copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

At first I thought the avg rating of 2.6 stars must be off (I mean there were only 5 reviews at the time) and having read previous Cara Lockwood novels I knew her writing was deserving of much more than a 2.6 rating. Well apparently I should have just listened to the other readers.

It's not that it was terrible. The story certainly has potential. However it's just such a short part of the whole story, that by the time I finished the story was just picking up. At 66 pages I hadn't had a chance to even get attached to a single character. I also found it absurd that after finding the body, Cal and Daniel decide to have sex just randomly. I'm sorry but if I woke up next to a dead body and was on the run from the authorities, pretty sure I wouldn't stop to have sex. It felt like these sex scenes were arbitrarily thrown randomly into the book just to sell more copies. Add to that the fact I really had zero interest in who "did it" the whole time, and unless the second one has several reviews stating that the story is much improved upon and makes up for this initial installment, I think I'll be passing on this one.