The Hollow (Hollow Trilogy) - Jessica Verday I had high hopes for this one. I had all three books in the series, and kept meaning to get around to reading it. I finally sat down a week ago to start the series, hoping I could just fly through it. Unfortunately I couldn't even finish this first installment.

I'm normally one of those people that can read a book in a day or two. After a week I FINALLY made it to 100 pages, and was still bored. After 100 pages a book should at least have you hooked a little, to the point the reader wants to know what's going on and what's going to happen. This didn't happen. I still felt like I was in the dark, nothing had really been developed, just that it's overly established that Kristen is missing, thought to have hit her head, fallen into the river and died. Oh and she's met 10 pages ago.

Considering I already have the other two books in this series, I might have kept reading except for the pacing is way off, character development is almost non-existant during this first part, and the writing just seems shallow. I don't feel like I'm "in" the story so to speak. I really hate having spent the money for all three books, only for it to turn out I won't/can't read them. I guess that's the risk you run waiting for an entire series to come out before reading them (and letting them sit on your shelf for an embarassing amount of time).