Disintegrate - Christine Klocek-Lim I see a lot of potential in this story. However it is in desperate need of an editor. I spent a lot of time being confused. Things felt so disjointed, one minute they're at his grandfather's, the next she's back in her dorm room. Which would be ok, as long as it was better explained why the sudden transition. Or even if it only occurred once, but the chapter transitions don't flow. The writting seems very surface like.

The book did suck me in at first, and the story certainly has a lot of potential, as it is fairly unique. But the lack of depth to the story, and lack of explanation does not keep the reader engaged. I think if the author would take what she's written, and develop it a bit more, expand with more detail on what's happening, as well as working at building the world a bit better, this could certainly be a good read.