Providence - Jamie McGuire I probably wouldn't have picked this up if it wasn't for Beautiful Disaster. However, this book really stands on its own. When I perused the reviews prior to reading this book, there was one that liked it to that of Twilight. This made me a bit apprehensive. And yes, I can kind of see where they got that presumption. It has a similar feel to it, especially the whole insta-love aspect. However, the insta-love can kind of be explained away by the plot. At least that's how I reasoned it out, because insta-love is obnoxious, but this time it didn't bother me.

So, if I were to base my rating on the last quarter of the book, it'd be an easy 5 star. However, the book did take a bit to get into. And then there were super slow, tedious parts. I'm sure there was a reason for them, but I got tired of reading about her meeting up with her friends all the time. I wanted action, I wanted to know where it was going, which really didn't take off until the last third of the book. Overall the book was fairly well written, with a few slight complaints, mainly in terms of editing. This definitely could have benefited from editing. Wrong words, words randomly spaced (i.e. bell owing). My other big issue was continuity. For the most part this was okay, but there were parts where I had to re-read paragraphs because their actions didn't make complete sense.

Overall, definitely a very sweet para-romance story. It's not as good as Beautiful Disaster, of course, but I'd almost prefer Jared to Travis. But that's just personal preference.