Requiem (The Providence Series) - Jamie McGuire Hmmm, well, um, yeah... so this wasn't quite as good as the first installment. Which really isn't saying too much. Was it good? Eh, it wasn't bad. It just felt like they were always running around, usually frantic, and that time just flies by. I guess my big issue with this one was that the first book took almost 500 pages, and covered about a year. This one was closer to 300 pages, and covered more like 15 months I think.

I got bored reading this one too, but for different reasons. It seemed like the majority of the novel was just Jared looking for the book. That's it. But again, as with the first, once I hit about 60% the story really picked up and made it a worthwhile read. My only wish was that this was a common trend throughout the book, and not saved for the last 40% of the story. But I guess I know what to expect upon picking up the third installment, which is up next on my to read list.