Gateway (The Gateway Trilogy, #1)

Gateway (The Gateway Trilogy, #1) - Christina Garner Overall a good begining for a story. It definitely could have used help from an editor as there were several typos and a few inconsistencies. For example, she ends up at the school with presumably no clothes seeing as the way she left things at the mental institution and having to borrow clothes from Kat, and yet there's suddenly a sentence about slipping into clothes she bought from a thrift shop. Uh okay, when did she visit this thrift shop? There was no other mention so as the reader I just feel like they just kind of appeared out of thin air. Nit-picky? Probably. Annoying? Definitely.

Other than that, even with a Mortal Instruments feel, the story was somewhat original and definitely kept me reading. Which is saying something lately. There bits that I was a little unclear on, mostly at the end. But overall a decent story, especially considering how much happened in so few pages. Definitely obvious this is an Indie author, but overall one of the better Indie stories I've read.