In a Heartbeat (Heartbeat, #1) - Teodora Kostova Oh where to start on this monstrosity...

For starters there were so many problems within the first 20% of the book I gave up because I got so tired of trying to sort it out. Now that may not be fair, but if an author expects people to finish the book there are a few things that have to happen.

First of all, it should be clear who's view point the story is from. Switching view points is fine, but there was no signal to the reader when these POV's would switch. The best I can tell would be the spacing, however the line spacing was so inconsistent (and double spacing drives me insane in a novel).

Second, there are several probelms I have with the characters. Stella is supposed to have just fought off cancer, and yet she's in such great shape she can go for runs consistently? And they don't sound like short runs either. And Max, his forwardness when it comes to stating he was jealous of Rico after the club. That was so unrealistic. Guys don't just come out and say they're jealous when they're supposed to a) be staying away from said girl and b) the day after when they "run into" the girl. I just didn't find it realistic.

Third, the writing wasn't terrible, but you can tell it needs editing. There are a lot of areas where the author could use what's happening to help build on the characters. But instead the author skips over the car crash, the first initial cancer battle. Like come on, those are critical moments in the character's life, but there's little explanation. More like this happened, ok and now we're onto the mushy stuff.

I may not have finished this (which really irritates me cause I spent money on it), but I certainly have already read enough to get the jist that this book is a stop and go book in that you quickly pass over the more important parts, and drag out the not so important/boring parts.